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Perspective VMS™ Sales Brochure

The Perspective VMS sales brochure has information about the features of the software, PVMS edition comparison, and noteworthy highlights of LENSEC’s enterprise-level video management software.


Perspective VMS™ Product Highlights Booklet

The Perspective VMS product highlights booklet gives you a look at the various modules that are key to navigating the software. Take a deeper look at the main modules of PVMS.

  • Map Module
  • Camera Viewer Module
  • Archives Module
  • Administration Module
  • Training Module
  • Action Panel

Perspective VMS™ Product Datasheet

The Perspective VMS product datasheet outlines detailed software specifications for the product editions.

  • PVMS Enterprise Edition
  • PVMS Standard Edition
  • PVMS Express Edition

Perspective VMS™ Product Release Notes (Version 3.0.0)

The Perspective VMS product release notes for version 3.0.0 detail the latest features available in the software. The release date is February 2017.

Perspective VMS™ Product Release Notes (Version 2.7.3)

The Perspective VMS product release notes for version 2.7.3 detail the latest features available in the software. The release date is November 2016.

Perspective VMS™ User’s Manual

This online user’s manual is regularly updated with current information about PVMS software. The guide provides a walk-through of the operational features and controls within the PVMS application. The guide will demonstrate the basics of the software as well as show each module and component. The manual also offers a tutorial section on common tasks, features, and how-to-guides for operators.

Perspective VMS™ Installation Reference Manual (Version 2.7.3)

The PVMS installation reference manual reviews how to install Perspective VMS (Web Server and/or Distributed Services) on various operating systems.

Perspective VMS™ Supported Cameras (Version 2.7.3)

The PVMS supported cameras list details cameras that are currently supported within the software. Perspective VMS supports on open-architecture camera model configuration.

Perspective VMS Training

Installlation / Administration / Operations

PVMS Tutorial

The PVMS tutorial provides a walk-through tutorial for a better understanding of the software. This tool supplements the user’s guide and quick reference material. This online training tool is accessible from within the PVMS interface.

PVMS Training